Canberra United

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  • Tony Ryan

    reputation by Tony Ryan

    In the past week in Melbourne there have been 2 front page stories about one of our ex footballers. The first story being about him visiting a jail and having cocaine traces on his clothing . The sec…

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  • Tony Ryan

    S-L-O-W by Tony Ryan

    The term slow in some instances can be very offensive. To call someone slow can be suggesting that they are stupid. Further that if they are stupid they are also far less worthy than someone who is n…

    500 words
  • Paul Dean

    My Beautiful Angel...... by Paul Dean

    The sky each night struggles to keep up with your sparkle and beauty……..your elegance remains for everyone to absorb, every minute, every day.

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  • Tony Ryan

    Use but NOT Abuse by Tony Ryan

    I am forever pondering human nature. I keep searching as I believe there is meaning to life and that any individual can attain fulfillment in life. A term I often think of is abundance. In my own lif…

    859 words
  • Paul Dean

    The Best Time To Visit......? by Paul Dean

    I keep strange hours some weeks…….. The stillness of the night……the city is your model to pose exactly how you like…….Best time to visit? Whenever your creative impulses grab you….

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  • exposedbutloved

    The Crap of the Ocean (Floatsome) by exposedbutloved

    Great is the pearl of the clam,

    the smooth, round perfection.

    Few think of the beginnings of such a fine reward.

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  • Jan Stead JEMproductions

    full of wonder by Jan Stead JEMp...


    i behold


    so rich

    so rare


    beyond compare

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  • Tony Ryan

    Less Haste More Speed by Tony Ryan

    I learn so much from my parents and want to continue to share here the things I learn. I am trying to help them to become internet savvy. However I find that their ability to learn is very restricted…

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  • Tony Ryan

    Seperation and Unity by Tony Ryan

    It would seem that with all the New Age philosophy that the terms seperation and unity are almost buzz word topics. Whilst I don’t get swept away with any external including New Age philosophy I do b…

    516 words
  • Tony Ryan

    Presence by Tony Ryan

    Presence is a term I use in the introduction of my photographic workshops. It refers to the photographer being so self aware that they are present in the moment. This allows them to bring their true …

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  • Jan Stead JEMproductions

    Urban Oasis by Jan Stead JEMp...

    amidst the urban
    rushing, working
    deadlines and such

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  • Tony Ryan

    Heaven and Hell by Tony Ryan

    In Australia at present our media has been obsessed with an incident between one of our top Australian Rules Footballers and one of our female swimsuit models who is engaged to our cricket vice capta…

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  • exposedbutloved

    Want by exposedbutloved

    He pulls her close and draws the breath out of her with a forceful kiss,

    There is no love here,
    Only want.

    Grabbing, holding, pushing, touching, biting,

    218 words
  • Jan Stead JEMproductions

    moving waters still by Jan Stead JEMp...

    smooth green carpet sits
    upon moving waters still
    reaching for the light

    29 words
  • exposedbutloved

    the visibly invisible by exposedbutloved

    going out,
    dressing for attraction,
    flirting for an adventure,
    getting lost to feel at home.

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  • Tony Ryan

    Jen Hawkins and Looks by Tony Ryan

    Jennifer Hawkins look is not necessarily perfect but is definitely attractive. Her appearance is in the elite category and the latest nude shots are natural and beautiful. That some people may get de…

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  • Tony Ryan

    Jesus, Pain and People. by Tony Ryan

    Was on a run the other day and as is often the case started to access a very relaxed communication with my own thoughts. Suppose you could call it a form of meditation. Something that was very clear …

    587 words
  • Tony Ryan

    Self Absorption Disease by Tony Ryan

    I find that people consistently are unreliable and at times manipulative in my business and personal dealings. Over my life this has greatly affected me and I have often become instictively cold as s…

    649 words