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Urban Canadian Photos *URBAN as in CITY* 2\day * The hustle and bustle of urban life

City/Town Photography of people, City Life From St. John's to Victoria to Iqaluit - No flowers, rivers, moose, macros, abstracts etc...

Recent Work

  • Ghosts of Union Station by John Velocci
  • The Great Ottawa Sinkhole by Shulie1
  • ROM by John Velocci
  • Vancity Reflects by LinneaJean
  • Oscar Peterson by Shulie1
  • Street Musician - Byward Market, Ottawa, ON Canada by Shulie1
  • Horse and Buggy (1) by Shulie1
  • Colossus by John Velocci
  • Jump the streetcar by MarianBendeth
  • The old Simpsons window by MarianBendeth
  • University of Toronto Knox College Cloister No 1 by Brian Carson
  • Rue des Remparts by John Schneider

About This Group

Only the top quality will be accepted
Host will not engage in explanations for why work is not accepted.

Repeated offenders will be removed from the group

We’re looking for urban shots of pretty much any style… street photography, candid photography, city skylines, the hustle and bustle of urban life, etc… from anywhere in Canada that is classified as an official city… not towns or small communities. Concrete, steel, busy people, city life, city skylines…. MUST BE IN A CANADIAN CITY AND SHOW SOMETHING MANMADE.

Our good friend, Mike Oxley, passed away on January 18, 2012

“If there is another world, he lives in bliss.
  If there is none, he made the best of this.”
– Robert Burns


Good bye, Mike. Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

1- No T-shirts, stickers or iPhone cases. Photography work only!
2- No flowers, rivers, moose, pets, macros, abstracts, back yards etc…
3- We do not accept images in card, prints or iPhone case views, only the original image only (default)view is considered as acceptable.
4- Please note where the picture was taken and the country in the _description_and easily findable for hosts!
5- If the image depicted the hustle and bustle of urban life (.i.e. inside Central station at rush hour), I’d deem it acceptable. But if it’s simply recording the beauty of the architecture and decor, it would be better suited for another group.
6- By submitting your images to the group, please be aware that they may be used within the group for features, avatar, challenge images, showcases of featured members and promotion of your work on the overview page.

Have fun and lets show that Canada is more than rivers, animals, mountains etc…

The group will be limited to 75 pages, so only enter your 2 best per day (limited to 20 per user can be in the group). The hosts will go through the images, on occasion, and remove images at our discretion to keep the size of the portfolio manageable.

Check the Group News from time to time, as our rules could change.

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Winner of the Canada Day 2014 Fireworks Photo challenge

Victoria Day 3
by John Velocci

BANNER – Urban Canadian Photos Group Challenge
by AnnDixon

Canadian Urban Photos featured banner
by MichaelJP

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