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'camera in one hand & coffee/tea in the other'

high quality ARTISTIC & CREATIVELY PRESENTED GORGEOUS GIRLY artwork. Please read guidelines before submitting images. Image submissions per member: One gorgeous girly image per 24 hours - One f


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Comment Sweet weekly features
1 topic 10 posts
about 1 year ago by Linda Lees
Comment Group Messages
230 topics 521 posts
about 13 hours ago by Karen Betts
Comment Gorgeous Girly Resources for your work.
8 topics 100 posts

We’re beginning this forum for all our beautiful creative members, so together we can create an archive of wonderful sites online for finding valuable resources &/or techniques to help create your fabulous girly images.

over 3 years ago by Linda Lees
Comment Just give me 5 minutes! Coffee time reading.
3 topics 91 posts

Fabulous girly blogs for when you have a 5 minute coffee break!

about 4 years ago by inessence
Comment Interviews ' 6 QUICK QUIRKY Questions with our FABULOUS FEATURED ARTISTS ....... :)
12 topics 160 posts
almost 2 years ago by Kornrawiee
Comment Inspiration Showcase Gallery.
1 topic 25 posts

Within this space is a collection of inspiring and gorgeous showcased images from our monthly iC – for you to admire in an online gallery format anytime …

5 months ago by Diane Arndt
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