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For all those wonderful creatures that just bring a smile to ones face and a light sense of the joy of living.

Features Are Up - Sunday September 23/2012

Jo Nijenhuis Jo Nijenhuis 1252 posts

Hello Dear Members,

Its a great pleasure to show you my choices of the new Features!
Such a joy to select images of our little friends, up-close they are so wonderful!!!
Enjoy the Featured Gallery maybe next time I’ll choose your wonderful work.

Congratulations to the Featured Artists.

Congratulations to the Featured Artists.

Wish you All a beautiful Sunday and a great start of the week.
Cheers Jo ;)

Digidi Digidi 349 posts

great selection well done to all featured

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1746 posts

Great selection Jo. Congratulations to all those featured.

Sandra Fortier Sandra Fortier 584 posts

Wonderful selection of photos… congratulations to all the great artists!

Rivendell7 Rivendell7 143 posts

Beautiful gallery, Jo, wonderful to see them all! That’s an awesome Glasswing butterfly!

Lepidoptera Lepidoptera 314 posts

A wonderful selection of featured art, thanks Jo and Congratulations to All talented Artists.
Butterfly Kisses, Johanna

jimmy hoffman jimmy hoffman 53 posts

Great selection and thanks Jo!

Bonnie T.  Barry Bonnie T. Barry 41 posts

Thanks, Jo; a lovely selection and so beautifully presented!

davvi davvi 504 posts

congratulations to all featured members.thanks Jo.

Thomas Young Thomas Young 268 posts

Super nice!

Nigel Bangert Nigel Bangert 800 posts

Stunning work.