Bug Hunt

Group Rules:

This group is for images that shows bugs you have found.
It is not for bugs that are in displays. This includes any sort of Museum, lab etc.
Images from Free Butterflies exhibitions are accepted
Arachnids are also accepted
Paintings, drawings and watercolors are welcome.

What I don’t want in group
1. Humans, fingers, arms, hands, writing on image
2. Unfocussed and not appealing images will be rejected. Good quality is required
3. Series of the same bugs. give us your best image.
4. Promotional items

Before you join, please be aware that your work may be used as a Challenge Avatar or avatar of the group. By joining this group you’ll be consenting to the above.

Host Rights
The group hosts reserve the right to remove any photograph, without prior warning to the artist, from the group and/or any challenge that does not adhere to both group and redbubble guidelines and rules.

We can reject without sending mail to give reasons why!
Not all images submitted are accepted. If an image is not accepted, please DO NOT repeatedly resubmit the image. If your image was rejected, don’t be discouraged it’s just not what the group is looking for. Try again with another image. Do not contact host to ask why your image was rejected just accept it and move on.

Have fun