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  • Mishaal  Sardar

    AMPUTATE by Mishaal Sardar

    Is the love elusive?
    love, as elusive as ever, was nowhere to be found
    to keep me as a prisoner behind wall
    our hearts were divided by silence stone walls
    between you and me

    358 words
  • vanesse

    Sunshine... by vanesse

    Your Love,

    It trickles

    Through my body

    Like the water in a stream

    Together we are a melody,

    With you and I; the theme

    The beauty when stars twinkle

    Through the darkness of the sky

    Brings to my mind t…

    74 words
  • Ushna Sardar

    Oracle by Ushna Sardar

    I wanted to find a place where I could go to ask the God for advice and information about the future
    Where and whom God was thought to give his messages
    where they consulted the oracle?

    428 words
  • karenlynda

    Time by karenlynda

    Time passes by as I sit
    and listen to the clock tick…

    59 words
  • Martin Hampson

    After you've gone by Martin Hampson

    I love you, you know
    For this I’m not wrong
    I will never forget you
    Even after you’ve gone

    90 words
  • Ushna Sardar

    Momentum by Ushna Sardar

    living on the edge of obnoxious
    by some freak of fate I escaped
    nothing would tempt me to live here
    the hope slipped from my grasp and ran off
    the life slipped out of my hand

    367 words
  • Ushna Sardar

    epic by Ushna Sardar

    there was a fatal flaw in the plan
    I was locked in mortal combat
    fought against the fear
    at the core of the soul….

    401 words
  • Ushna Sardar

    Timetable Directing Acts Of Love by Ushna Sardar

    do we have a timetable directing acts of love?
    we set out our timetable for directing acts of love
    we have planned to do many things
    we have been timetabled for the love!!

    271 words
  • vanesse

    Love Shows... by vanesse

    I want your hand
    Good God above
    In raising up
    This child I love

    Because I know you
    Can clearly see
    How precious
    My child is to me

    Please guide me
    So I teach her right
    Lord, watch her while
    she sleeps thro…

    68 words
  • Ushna Sardar

    Decayed and Senseless - by Ushna Sardar & Keith Williams by Ushna Sardar

    I’ve been living in a circle
    that restricted freedom
    I saw the chains of fear and misery
    I’m left here in chains
    decaying like the inner surface of my soul

    155 words
  • Mishaal  Sardar

    Elude by Mishaal Sardar

    Will time travel ever become a reality?
    Outwardly we seemed confident but in reality we felt extremely nervous
    In reality, human beings and danger never live on earth at the same time

    480 words
  • Ushna Sardar

    murmur by Ushna Sardar

    “my love will never escape”
    your voice dropped to a whisper
    I could hear the whispering of the sea
    you were murmuring in my ear
    “I wouldn’t make my escape
    As you’re my home!&

    283 words
  • Ushna Sardar

    EMPATHY by Ushna Sardar

    decision reflects the realities
    assessment of the situation
    our perception of reality
    an adequate answer to the question
    the giddy heights of success
    do we suffer from dizzy spells?

    177 words
  • Ushna Sardar

    kiss the unborn skin by Ushna Sardar

    A comet colliding with the earth
    may have caused the mass extinction of the human
    kiss the unborn skin!
    unborn skin that away from pangs of hunger

    284 words
  • JaneAParis

    BAD DREAM by JaneAParis

    He was sitting down, next to a table preparing to do some gynecological torture to me. He had on rubber gloves and the table had all sorts of shiny metal implements of torture.

    427 words
  • vanesse

    Vision... by vanesse

    As I look back

    on my younger days…

    I can see myself a child.

    That with each rising

    sun and set, another day

    had filed.

    I have grown to be a woman

    Having children of my own

    and with another


    50 words
  • Mishaal  Sardar

    Summer's Kiss by Mishaal Sardar

    summer love is like no other love
    you just glared at me silently
    I can read
    by the vagueness in your eyes
    summer’s kiss is over

    300 words
  • vanesse

    ANGER by vanesse

    It’s a powerful
    and mighty sword
    awaiting the moment
    “YOU” allow it
    to take control.
    It can pierce your heart
    with such force,
    no word can describe.
    Without acknowledging the fact,

    106 words