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Almost Daily Challenges


This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

A tougher challenge. Invite a friend to our group (can not already be in the group). You put their name in your image title and they put your name in their image title. Then, you may each enter any image you want to the challenge.

You have until the challenge closes to make sure you are both in the challenge or the one standing alone will be moderated out.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the Best.

Rewards & Prizes

Feature, Banner, Entry into Image of the Month

Additional Information

Challenges are going to be getting harder! Have fun!


The Top Ten

Where will I go...? [Jeannie26 for  the It takes two challenge] by Mauds

Where will I go...? [Jeannie26 for the It takes two challenge] by Mauds was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • From this point of view she looks more scary... Swartkeelvink (Southern Masked Weaver - Ploceus velatus) Free State, South Africa by Qnita
  • A face to love! by Pieta Pieterse
  • It rained today, Free State, South Africa  by Dawid Groenenstein
  • Blazing Stallion by Arla M. Ruggles
  • Blaze, Accepted Arla Ruggles challenge by teresalynwillis
  • In the arms of love  by vigor
  • Hold on tight to your dreams {Mauds for the Challenge Acceped Challenge} by Jeannie26

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