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  • shelleybabe2

    It started with a kiss... by shelleybabe2

    It started with a kiss…
    Then it ended with a fist.

    You swept me off my feet.
    You made me feel complete.

    Complete & utter disgust…
    The way that you would treat…

    A beautiful ladyR…

    311 words
  • © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D

    Black Forest the recession has just been too long - find ... by © Andrzej Gosz...

    Black Forest the recession has just been too long – find your Hope at Art. by Brown Sugar (Doctor Faustus). FEATURED PAINTERS UNIVERSE.

    39 words
  • shelleybabe2

    I know the score.... by shelleybabe2

    They come in all different size’s.
    Where some…
    Come in different disguise’s.
    Which does’nt surprise me.
    Where some…
    Just go for the look’s.
    They don’t th…

    122 words
  • Brenda Dahl

    *I made a SALE* by Brenda Dahl

    I have been resting a lot lately. Not much energy to get up and move around….. Until Five minutes ago when I checked my activity here on my phone. I could not believe my eyes so I rushed to my …

    85 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Love.... by shelleybabe2

    All we need is love.
    Spread the word…
    Like a dove.
    Love and peace.
    Give it…
    Love is free.
    From up above.
    And down below.
    Make’s thing’s grow.

    32 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Love is not a game... by shelleybabe2

    My heart is not a toy…
    Something you can play with.
    Love is not a game…
    Where I give & you can take.
    My heart has been broken…
    Make no mistake.
    For I’am not a fool…
    Where y…

    108 words
  • Nicla Rossini

    Nonsense by Nicla Rossini

    All that sleepless
    Cold I’ve felt in these bones,
    All those declarations
    of emptiness
    I’ve heard in your statements,

    137 words
  • shelleybabe2

    My precious stone... by shelleybabe2

    Like a diamond in the sky,
    you took that shine.
    You wiped it clean,
    right before me.
    Hidden in darkness,
    where I could not see.
    Hidden in memory…
    Hidden from me.
    Like a diamond in the sky,
    I want that s…

    55 words
  • shelleybabe2

    A lost spirit.... by shelleybabe2

    For i’ve lost my spirit.
    Trapped in a bottle.
    Floating on the water.
    Been battered & throttled.
    By repeated blow’s.
    In stormy water’s.
    Where nobody know’s.
    A need …

    88 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Unfold... by shelleybabe2

    You fill up my sense’s.
    Break down, all the fence’s.

    Release my emotion’s.
    Without any pretence.

    With excitment.

    With your touch…
    Taste and smell.

    You fill up my …

    41 words
  • Anthony McCracken

    The Subway (a short story) by Anthony McCracken

    She didn’t particularly want to touch the man, and she stood there with ease on very steady legs as she watched him die.

    3779 words
  • roggcar

    Flowing Words by roggcar

    The music starts to play,
    The words get mixed up,
    The words of the music,
    The play is so mixed,

    79 words
  • shelleybabe2

    It's mad world... by shelleybabe2

    I hear the echoing…
    I hear the voice’s…

    I hear the screaming…
    ‘We have no choice’s!’

    In this world in which we live in.
    Is controlled & on beyond…

    By …

    150 words
  • shelleybabe2

    You planted a seed... by shelleybabe2

    I alway’s believed…
    Where other’s planted a seed.

    It would grow back bigger.
    Into a weed.

    Where I never felt loved.
    Or even wanted.

    By your poison.

    “Your a mistak…

    183 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Don't look back... by shelleybabe2

    Enjoy life…
    Living in the fast lane.

    Cause it’s the last time…
    That you will ever see me again.

    No more sadness.
    No more pain.

    Time to get my skate’s on…
    And catch that trai…

    54 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Love is a drug... by shelleybabe2

    I loved you…
    But I was’nt good enough too.

    To safisfy your need’s…
    Please, please, please, please.

    Love is a drug…
    Where I nearly given up.

    I came second best.
    In your inter…

    123 words
  • shelleybabe2

    The time has come... by shelleybabe2

    I’ve been waiting…
    For this moment to come.

    Has been finally done.

    Yet still…
    I’ve been made to feel guilty.

    For the deed’s…
    In which you have done.


    121 words
  • Brenda Dahl

    Journal #3 About Pinterest-Very important by Brenda Dahl

    Even though we check the box that is Suppose to disable peoples ability to “Pin” Our work, I just found out that Pinterest offers the following link to allow any person to install a ̶…

    172 words