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Bubble Success Stories

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  • biddumy

    THE COMEUPPANCE by biddumy

    Morning break at primary school should have been twenty minutes of light hearted time away from lessons. Instead, I was skulking in and out of the dark dank corridors with my best friend Rose. …

    2852 words
  • Anthea  Slade

    Insane or Wired or Brilliant? by Anthea Slade

    Brilliant Plath disappeared in her Bell Jar
    Intense Vincent Van Gogh was labelled insane
    And when he cut off his ear they cried he had gone too far
    They cut poor Frances Farmers emotion out of her brain…

    643 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Welcome to my world.... by shelleybabe2

    I’m not the same person.
    I once was before.
    Pain has changed me.
    For the worst.
    And your ignorance of understanding,
    Leaves me sick to the core.
    For you have never experienced, my life before.
    All of …

    187 words
  • Anthea  Slade

    Wounded Redux by Anthea Slade

    If I show you my wounds,
    will you show me yours?
    Then will our connection be
    deep enough for our healing to begin?

    Will you look at my scars and kiss
    them and see they are a symbol
    that I have lived and…

    350 words
  • Anthea  Slade

    Like Acid on a Flower - An Introduction by Anthea Slade

    Two things changed my life irreversibly:
    the death of my father when I was 8,
    being bashed and nearly killed at 14.

    I sit in front of the most fragile and vulnerable people daily
    and listen to stories s…

    251 words
  • Teresa Hulbert

    About my art by Teresa Hulbert

    Drawing is so much fun, I love to draw animals cause it’s easy for me to do. I do my own art work and post them on a website called fanpop.com. I have my own drawing books at home that I can dr…

    163 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Ignorance... by shelleybabe2

    You can see a broken leg.
    But you can’t see, inside my head.
    Invisible, to the human eye.
    One may not feel, nor empathize.
    Come in different size’s.
    Mentally or physicall…

    129 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Just existing... by shelleybabe2

    Just living
    Just dealing
    Just existing
    Without feeling.
    Stuck on self destruct
    Beating oneself up.
    Stuck in a constant rut
    Stuck where you wanna give up.
    Working overtime
    Stuck in overdrive
    Living to survive

    124 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Bring me back to life.... by shelleybabe2

    Bring me back to life.
    Let me see the light.
    Revive me through this,
    dark & dismal night.
    Let me see the light.
    By giving back my sight.
    Let me breath the air…
    As pure as can be.
    Give me back my lo…

    78 words
  • loiteke

    Hourglass by loiteke

    I have gone, gone afar away
    On the forehead memories
    Blindness shine below eyelids
    Misguided years and the cities
    Somewhere beginning of alley
    Let I feelings and faces
    Departed now last train
    The love in so…

    87 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Pain is misery... by shelleybabe2

    Life has brought me to my knee’s.
    I’m begging…
    Please, please, please.
    Please, Release…
    This pain im in!
    I feel like ive been punished.
    Living in sin!
    For i’ve sacraficed mysel…

    155 words
  • shelleybabe2

    A tormented soul... by shelleybabe2

    A tormented soul…
    Full doubt’s & indecision’s.

    Can’t make my mind up.
    Questions & quizzing.

    Looking for answer’s.
    Left Unspoken.

    Can’t seem to o…

    38 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Love is not abuse... by shelleybabe2

    Love is not abuse…
    Where I trusted you.

    Where you let me down.
    I was innocent too!

    I was frail, I was fragile.
    Delicate & vunerable.

    Foolish & sillly.
    Daft & gulliable

    Easily persuaded.…

    201 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Burnt out... by shelleybabe2

    ‘Get off the treadmill!’
    ‘Your going too fast!’
    ‘Your gonna burn yourself out.’
    ‘Where you ain’t gonna last!’

    Running here, running there…

    255 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Programmed... by shelleybabe2

    “Wait!” “Something, smell’s fishy!”
    “I’ve got my baite!”
    That’s the price you pay…
    When you keep making…
    The same mistake’s, over &…

    284 words
  • shelleybabe2

    It started with a kiss... by shelleybabe2

    It started with a kiss…
    Then it ended with a fist.

    You swept me off my feet.
    You made me feel complete.

    Complete & utter disgust…
    The way that you would treat…

    A beautiful ladyR…

    311 words
  • © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D

    Black Forest the recession has just been too long - find ... by © Andrzej Gosz...

    Black Forest the recession has just been too long – find your Hope at Art. by Brown Sugar (Doctor Faustus). FEATURED PAINTERS UNIVERSE.

    39 words