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  • willowwyles

    A Sense of ..."CHANGE" by willowwyles

    Sense of CHANGE
    “white feather”…

    me ,
    to love ,

    14 words
  • willowwyles

    Simple Man by willowwyles

    He will not ,
    carry" confidence"…
    mistaken for,
    His voice ,
    His face beautiful,
    what lies under,
    more "powerful &q…

    67 words
  • willowwyles

    "Shattered" by willowwyles

    We cannot fix ,
    what has been…
    I am lost,
    in this world…
    u created,
    for me.
    My thoughts ,
    consumed …
    trust shattered,
    billions of pieces
    strewn in front,
    of my eyes.
    Your secret,
    locked ins…

    75 words
  • willowwyles

    Comfort In Words... by willowwyles

    No pain …
    erase the words,
    Feels good,
    fulfill need,
    “comfort in words”.

    19 words
  • willowwyles

    Salty Tears by willowwyles

    Tears so salty ,
    they flow from my face.
    make-up smear,
    tear follows trace.
    taste my tear
    long enough to…
    alter thought.
    Then tear stings ,
    my face…
    pain it brought.

    Another …

    61 words
  • WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

    How KJ Creates An *_"Island Dream"_* by WhiteDove Stud...

    Step 1:
    Acquire an empty wine box (or if you dare empty it yourself or better yet with Hoalohas)

    Step 2:
    Slice box to desired shape (probably can get 3 maybe 4 frames depending on width and shape)

    for ev

    284 words
  • SwanSong

    The Lesson of Dandelions by SwanSong

    When I was a boy and Reena Acres was my friend
    we used to sit in her yard and make necklaces
    from dandelions.

    172 words
  • willowwyles

    "Terrified"...for my heart. by willowwyles

    Looking at you,…I terrified…
    what have you done?
    Foundation shaken…
    what have you done ?
    Mind swirling………..
    slow the ride…
    what have you done?
    Focus gone…

    49 words
  • willowwyles

    He Loves....He Loves me not. by willowwyles

    For every petal pulled..
    from it’s centred core.
    I would childishly hope,
    that whether rose or daisy,
    it would be the last time ,
    I destroyed a flower…
    for selfish pleasure ,
    or searching.
    Not …

    68 words
  • willowwyles

    Intrigue Me by willowwyles

    Intrigue me with your words…
    so few.
    Intrigue me with simplicity…
    of u.
    Intrigue me with quite statements…
    I ponder.
    Intrigue me with poetry to make my…
    mind wonder.
    Intrigue me with …

    67 words
  • Alex Gardiner

    Tae ma Bonny Lass’s here’s tae them there’s nane like them. by Alex Gardiner

    Ma Bonny Lass is intelligent an’ very smart,
    She is caring an’ luvin’ wae a beautiful heart.
    Very wise tae the enth degree,
    Aye she is aw that; an’ aw kin see.

    389 words
  • willowwyles

    "OWNERSHIP" by willowwyles

    When no one could touch u…
    I thought i could.
    U took hold real tight…
    left,like I knew u would.

    When all lost faith in…
    that smile u had.
    U tried it on me,
    my smile, soon, sad.

    When all m…

    123 words
  • sharonthebrave

    Teddy Ted by sharonthebrave

    teddy ted a fun bear

    119 words
  • willowwyles

    Lasoo The Moon by willowwyles

    Here I sit wondering who u are…
    Yet I would give u my mountains …
    give u my stars.
    When the moon is settled …
    on a warm glowing cloud,
    Do u feel my love screaming…
    screaming out lou…

    174 words
  • willowwyles

    Boy to Man by willowwyles

    A" boy" plays with trucks…
    yet he will play with dolls.

    A" man" will except the dolls…
    although he prefers the trucks.

    A" boy" will break things…
    he shou…

    154 words
  • willowwyles

    My Reality by willowwyles

    Splendid pleasure thoughts of being …
    with u.
    Although in body never met.

    Mind soars leaping through imagination…
    into touching U.

    Feeling the pull I want to thrust
    through the stars.


    62 words
  • willowwyles

    Untitled by willowwyles

    When a petal falls …
    there are petal left.

    We freshen the water…
    trim the ends .

    We weed out the dead…
    keep the color
    what is left.

    Stems begin to soften…
    wilt the flowers
    that m…

    57 words
  • willowwyles

    Every Colour Is U by willowwyles

    I paint a picture …
    nothin is angelic as u.
    I look at kids laughin…
    no one laughs like u.
    I look at a full moon all it’s glow…
    no moon is as full as your magic.
    I look at golden fie…

    123 words