British Portrait Artists

Group Rules:

Are you British? Were you born in England, Scotland, Wales or N. Ireland? Are you English, Scottish, Welsh, or Northen Irish but living in far-flung lands? Are you none of the above but live permanently in Blighty? If the answer is “YES!” to any of the above questions then come on in! If not, sorry, you can’t come in. (If your profile doesn’t mention your British connection then please bmail SquarePeg or thermosoflask and let them know what it is, thank you)

All artwork must focus on the face and show visible and clear facial features. No silhouettes. Full body shots are ok as long as the face is visible. If the face is not visible or too blurred to recognise then the image will be rejected.

The emphasis must be on the subject’s face. After all, this is a portrait group!


We no longer accept portraits of animals, that is dogs, cats, apes, birds, etc, even if there is a human in the picture with them.

Any medium is welcome.

3 images per 24 hours.

Journal entries must relate to the subject of portrait art. If the do not they will be removed.