is designed to make people think beyond the boundaries of traditional teachings

a reminder

shadowlea shadowlea 1216 posts

For those who don’t bother reading the guidelines

NO SCIENCE FICTION PLEASE….EG…SPACESHIPS/ UFO’S UNLESS unless it includes relevant text relating to this group

thanks for your understanding

☼Laughing Bones☾ ☼Laughing Bones☾ 192 posts

I think why people might think it has to do with UFO’s and the like is the group avatar even though it’s not gives a sci fi vibe. (just my 2 cents)

shadowlea shadowlea 1216 posts

Thanks Jeff perhaps I might change it, it could be misleading, I don’t mind fractals or any art medium as long as it provokes thought about what is commonly accepted as mainstream truth….and makes the viewer think further and see different aspects of a subject …just a spaceship and calling it invasion or rescue does not cut it, or alien landscapes..with no wording is just fantasy to me……and there plenty of groups for this sort of work…..of which I admire as in a lot of cases is exceptional work…but I am trying to stick to the guidelines and I must admit there are aspects of it which might be mis-interpreted…You have been most helpful Jeff

☼Laughing Bones☾ ☼Laughing Bones☾ 192 posts

i might add as i’ve had to do with my own group several several times, gentle reminders never hurt either. I think fractals might also be misleading, perhaps the best and most assured way to make a point is the rejection notice, I dont worry about feelings too much as rules like yours are explanatory enough and if a person gets enough rejection notices they eventually figure it out or they simply move on, either way the job gets easier. I just booted a person who refused to acknowledge anything, so after the 5th time – buh bye and sayonarra

shadowlea shadowlea 1216 posts

i was going crazy about how to re-word the guidelines, so thanks Jeff if it makes sense to you, then I won’t bother..There’s always B-mail if anyone has any queries I guess…..I’ll take your line of dealing with those who don’t get the message

thanks Heaps