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Brain Science, Brain Arts

art for the neuro-curious and perception-piqued

Neurotypical (locked)

Azellah Azellah 199 posts


Submissions from you can include works —
1. of or about the central nervous system itself, including
—the brain or skull cavity
—of or in place of the spine and nerves
2. works about mental processes, like the five senses, pain, states of mind, how we think and thinking itself (hermeneutics even), etc.

3. depicting or about those with a neurological disorder or injury
4. experiences with persons with a neuro disorder or injury
5. images of what the world looks like if you have a neurological pathology
6. works having to do with practices that affect the brain (clearly showing the connection to neuro health, including meditation, medication, exercise, volunteering, etc.)

Please don’t be offended if I bubblemail you for more explanation or if your work is rejected because we don’t see the connection — if the connection is not obvious in the work itself, the title, the description, your bio or a bmail are our only clues.