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Body of Work

A group that features only one exceptional artist's work at a time and displays some of their best images.

Interview with Julian Escardo

Geoff  Coleman - Landscapes Geoff Coleman... 56 posts

1. What draws you to architectural photography?

Architectural photography offers me the chance to deal with lines, flow, structure, composition, abstractness, light, geometry and mass among other things. I basically “settled” for this subject after initially trying a few different things, such as street art and people. That was two years ago. I quickly found out that I had a fascination with geometry, curves, lines, flow…In the city I live in I discovered the works of Frank Gehry and Richard Meier; I was instantly hooked.

2. A keen eye for composition and a minimalism characterises many of your images – you are what I’d call a master zen photographer – what attracts you to this style and how did this ethos develop for you?

Yes, my main focus is on composition and I try to compose on site, as I am taking the photograph. And minimalism is my challenge; the challenge to work with few elements and still make a statement as well as capture the essence of a piece. I developed this ethos as a result of the way I see; I seem to focus on aspects of a whole rather than the big picture, trying to capture the portion that can represent the whole. I have naturally developed a way to see as if through a vewfinder….hard to explain, but I see the shot before I bring the camera into play.

3. Recently people have been creeping into your shots as well as flowers!! Care to comment?

I love it – I evolved from Flickr into the RB experience looking for a fresh audience and higher quality. I am slowly but surely building a group of friends and everyone seems to leave comments that have some “meat” in them, whether for or against and I like that. I also love the concept of focus groups; the kind that I have so kindly been invited to participate in with this interview. Exposure in this manner is great and also getting to know other artists.

4. Whose art/photography inspires you (thinking big names here but if RB and Flickr people are more appropriate put them in as well with links to their photostream).

Inspiration comes from all sources: Graciela Iturbide, Edward Weston, the incredible work of William Carter (especially his nudes), Eikoh Hosoe, pioneers such as Carleton Watkins, Alvarez Bravo, Walker Evans, Sergio Larrain and of course the father of so many things, Bresson. In architecture I love Lucien Herve, Le Corbusier’s favorite photographer. I don’t copy, but when I see their work it is like a wake up call for me to try and see the possibilities of what surrounds me. You may look at my contacts for others that inspire me as well. As for me, I try and rouse people to see things they have seen already, but in a new and different way, that’s my “signature” (to somehow put it in writing).

5. Your images show a high level of craft skill – are you self-taught or professionally trained

Absolutely self-taught. This deficiency is catching up to me, but I made a conscious effort to develop my own style, trust my instincts and learn from trial and error before taking on actual technique. One thing I am is obsessive, I loose track of time when out on a shoot – I do so alone. My photography is instinctive with an eye on composition/balance.

6. Anything else you’d like to add about your art?

Only to say that it is my hope to stir emotion when people view what I do. I thrive to take a relatively static subject such as architecture and show flow, harmony and movement. Like it is alive, like traveling the lines as if strapped to the very pen the architect used to trace the first draft. I aim (one day) to shoot what I consider the highest form of architecture, the female nude. In many ways this is what I sense when I view and shoot pieces such as “Crossroads…” of “Midnight blue…”, movement, grace and sensuality.

Varinia   - Globalphotos Varinia - Gl... 61 posts

Your work is inspirational and a visual feast, enjoyed reading this interview, insightful and enlightening :))

mmills3080 mmills3080 67 posts

terrific interview and great collection of images here!

janpiller janpiller 6238 posts

Exceptional images!

Freelance Freelance 14 posts

Thank you Geoff and Varinia for inviting me to participate with my work and present my humble opinions. I am truly honored to be here among so many good artists, the result of your great curatorial abilities and no doubt some friendships made along the way.

I am deeply impressed with the level of approach: tailor made questions, personalized e-mail announcement – nothing formulaic, every step of the way a welcome home – congratulations Geoff, and thank you once again!

Joanne  Bradley Joanne Bradley 206 posts

Joined this group so I could comment, Julian! As you know I am a recent but enthusiastic supporter of your work! This interview was so interesting since I presumed that you were an architect or someone involved in engineering and I find out it is raw talent and an incredible eye! Congratulations on the feature and best wishes in all your endeavours!!!!

Freelance Freelance 14 posts

Thank you Michelle and Jan………
and thank you Joanne…..I am not an architect but if I had to start all over again I probably would become one – thank you for coming by and joining “just to comment”!

Marguerite Foxon Marguerite Foxon 28 posts

Julian, Lovely to read some more about your thoughts on how you approach your craft and amazing to know you are self taught and just following your instincts as it were. I love the way you are open to learning from all and any, and the well thought through approach to what you are doing with the camera. I feel like you are achieving your goal of stirring the viewer’s emotion more and more. I responded to the first photo of yours I saw, and its been so with pretty much all of them from there on in. Congrats on being chosen for this interview and the featured artist. Well done! M (still in Oz)

Freelance Freelance 14 posts

Most kind Marguerite…your detailed comment is very welcome. Again, stirring emotion is something I strive for and technique or not I hope never to stray from that. Thanks for your loyalty and for taking the time to view my work always!

John Tisbury John Tisbury 101 posts

Cool work, love your composition on site too – kudos to you.

Freelance Freelance 14 posts

Thank you John…… do great work with nudes! kudos back.

rita vita finzi rita vita finzi 16 posts

“movement, grace and sensuality” – yes, I think this can really be called your “cipher” – three elements that always are into your works and that mark your artistic path …
a very interesting, challenging interview, julian: there is always something to learn from you … !

Freelance Freelance 14 posts

I take your three words in stride so they don’t go to my head……on the other hand I am honored to see them for my architecture work often confronts me with those very sensations. Thank you Rita…!

Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5562 posts

I agree with Rita, there is always something to learn from you. The thing that I love about redbubble is that I find even the best artists like you are real and down to earth. I am thrilled that you were chosen for the FEATURE and interview. Extremely well deserved!! Congratulations!!