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Recent Work

  • Old / New - E30/F82 by ApexFibers
  • 997 brushstroke design by ApexFibers
  • e30 WTCC Race Car with Verticle M Stripes by ApexFibers
  • e30 WTCC Race Car by ApexFibers
  • E30 3D text with shadow by ApexFibers
  • 5 Heritage, 1972-Present day (E12, E28, E34, E39, E60, F10) Grungy vignette background by ApexFibers
  • NICE PLACE TO PARK by andrewsaxton
  • BMW 1602 by spapiemidoglou
  • BMW 2002 Touring by spapiemidoglou
  • Phillip Island Sports Car Selection by TeaCee
  • BMW Procar M1 by TeaCee
  • BMW Transmission Logo by rom01

About This Group

Anything goes so long as it has a BMW in it!, old or new, gray or blue

If you own or have a strong connection to BMW cars then this is the group for you.

Show us your cars, images can be technical or personal, just so long as there is a BMW in them!

Of course if you wish and it’s yours and you’re proud of it say so.

We’re also looking for old BMW cars and images as well

See the group rules and join this group here

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