Group Rules:

Blue Hour accepts photography only.

Photos must be taken in the one hour before sunrise or the one hour after the sun sets.

The sun cannot be visible in the photograph. The sun must be below the horizon and not hidden behind clouds or foreground objects.

A portion of horizon and sky must be visible. “Blue Hour” refers to the time of day when the twilight generally takes on a strong blue hue. The best Blue Hour photos are those that showcase the horizon and sky. No shots of clouds only, please.

Note location in your description: city/county, state/province, country.

Please do not submit framed works.

Post-processed photos, using Photoshop and Photomatrix, are welcome in the group, as long as submissions are still recognizable as photographs. We only ask that you note your post-processing software in the description. We will strive to offer balance in our Feature selections, highlighting photos both lightly and heavily processed.

We welcome and appreciate your submissions. However, these rules will be vigorously enforced to maintain the integrity of our group’s theme. Rejection is not a criticism on the quality of any photo, but our judgement that the photo’s subject isn’t in keeping with the mission of Blue Hour.