The sixty beautiful minutes before sunrise and after sunset


  • I WALKED WITH THE ANGELS  by leonie7
  • The old Venetian port of Chania by Hercules Milas
  • Mount Hood Magic by Dan Mihai
  • Dusk Indian Ocean by Mark Kenwood
  • Kapellbrucke by anorth7
  • Beautiful Blue Hour-Seattle, WA by Ian Phares
  • Eiffel Tower and sunset by Mathieu Longvert
  • Ria de Arousa by LightPhonics
  • Darkness Falls by Ron Finkel
  • Day Is Done by WildestArt
  • Race against the sun by MarianBendeth
  • Caramel Sea by Raffaello Terreni
  • Cappadocian nights by Hercules Milas
  • Sunrise in Dallas Oregon by pdsfotoart
  • Fly Away by MarianBendeth
  • The Cropston Dash by Andy Freer
  • End of a Rutland Day by Andy Freer
  • The Jetty by Peter Doré