The sixty beautiful minutes before sunrise and after sunset

Features 12/7/13

Greg Belfrage Greg Belfrage 45 posts

Twelve new beautiful features are up in the Blue Hour! Congratulations to all the artists whose wonderful works were featured!

It’s getting increasingly harder to choose features. As you can see from our gallery, we’re receiving an exceptional number of incredible photographs. Thanks to all of our contributors.

Unfortunately, I’ve been rejecting more photos recently than I’ve been accepting. We’re receiving a lot of photos that don’t meet submission requirements. Many of them don’t even fit the theme of the group.

If you’re new to Blue Hour, please familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines. I’m very liberal in rejecting photos in order to maintain the integrity and quality of our wonderful group. Those who repeatedly submit photos outside the theme of Blue Hour will be removed from the group.

Thanks again for all of your fantastic photos! Your submissions and participation are very appreciated!

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3287 posts

Beautiful choices. My Congratulations to the Featured Artists, great work.