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The sixty beautiful minutes before sunrise and after sunset

Rules Reminder

Scott Hendricks Scott Hendricks 52 posts

Greg and I hate to reject photos; but the theme of this group is The Blue Hour. Remember the blue hour is about natural light during that magical hour after the sun falls below the horizon or that magical hour before is rises above the horizon in the morning. This natural light does not cast shadows, it does not glow golden on mountain sides or trees, it does not glare like a fire ball. The horizon means the edge of the planet from your view point not hiding behind clouds.

This morning when viewing the submissions, I had to reject far too many photos that did not reflect this theme. Greg and I hate being “policy police”, so please help us by carefully selecting the groups you submit your photos to for inclusion. We think you are all wonderful and very gifted photographers. We don’t want this to get to the point where we have to consider removing a photographer. Please help us to keep within the theme.

Scott ( September 8, 2013 )

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3466 posts

I think I understand Scott. Thanks for the reminder.