Out of the Blue (75%+ Blue)

Group Rules:

This group is quality checked regularly. Please submit only art that is *AT LEAST 75% BLUE. The closer your submissions are to a 75%-100% blue monochromatic blue colour scheme, the better.

Vibrant blue is preferred. “Washed out blues” (like greyish skies on cloudy days, light aqua/aqua green) and blues that are too dark (nearly black) will probably be rejected/removed from the group.

Please keep other colours to a minimum.

Any artworks that do not comply with the blue theme will be removed without notification. Black and white, purple, grey, and green are not blue!

Nudity is permitted, but nothing explicit or pornographic in nature.

Will there be exceptions to the above guidelines? From time to time, yes, and exceptions are made at the moderator’s discretion, especially with certain challenges.

Don’t feel bad if you find an image gets removed. It happens to all of us at some point. Remember – removal of your work is not a criticism of your art. And rejections are not personal and can be avoided by complying with group guidelines.

~Hosts have the right to remove entries that are not suitable for a challenge.
~Soliciting of votes, or multiple votes from different accounts, will not be tolerated.
~From time to time, hosts may enter the challenges, except for “Voucher” challenges…those are for members only ♥
By submitting images to the group, hosts may use these images as challenge thumbnails / avatars.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your host via bubblemail.

Other than that, enjoy all the blue art out there!