Blood Bath

This group is looking for gory and horrific images of set up crime scenes, murders, blood spray and splatter and everything else

Recent Work

  • Pain by Nuni Ed
  • erythrocytic... by vampvamp
  • She Came From The Grave by Jonathan Coe
  • Looking for the truth... by Jessica Hooper
  • Feeling A Little Exposed Lately by Jonathan Coe
  • Altered, Knifed IV by Cameron Hampton
  • Entrapment by Adam Marlow
  • SHINTO; BLADE FOR HIRE! by Ray Jackson
  • The Sacrifice by Jessica Hooper
  • BE MY BLOODY VALENTINE! by leapdaybride
  • Love hurts! by Adam Marlow
  • Altered, Nichols by Cameron Hampton

About This Group

This group is inviting everyone on RedBubble!!
In this group we want you to submit gory and horrific photographs, paintings, drawings, just everything. We want to see crime scenes, murders, blood splatter, and everything along these lines.

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