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Blood & Gore

A group for those who prefer their art to be a little more...bloody.

Recent Work

  • It's already too late by Heather King
  • All the Damn Vampires by Nemons
  • Zargo, Vampire King of Diamonds by pixbyr
  • Liquified  by Barbora  Urbankova
  • Gavin by Austen Mengler
  • RAGEQUIT by Austen Mengler
  • MIDNIGHT HORROR by Austen Mengler
  • THE BRIDE by Dancing In The Graveyard
  • Mermaid Of Blood by edend
  • Ellen Hutter, Vampire Queen of Spades by pixbyr
  • Sekhmet by strawberries
  • Max  by EvilutionE5150

About This Group

This group is for horror artists that love blood and gore.

We accept all forms of artwork, as long as they contain blood and/or gore.

See the group rules and join this group here