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7-6-13 FEATURES: Eye of the Beholder

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“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. – Matt Hardy”

Telltale hands #4
by iamelmana

Below Deck
by Christopher Herrfurth

seagulls on eastbourne pier in the mist
by Heather Buckley

museum in rome
by Heather Buckley

The Universal Language
by Ell-on-Wheels

by Peter Denniston

The Bar Stool
by John Holding

by Jocelyn Parry-Jones

The Print I Leave
by DionNelson

Day Seventy-nine
by ©Arni Katz

Melbourne at night 19/5/2012 part 7
by John Holding

Gone swimming 3
by Gary Power

playground kills me
by davrberts

Ivory and Rose
by Paul Leslie

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time,
if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.

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Christopher Herrfurth Christopher He... 38 posts

Wonderful selection of photographs! Thank you for featuring “Below Deck”!

©Arni Katz ©Arni Katz 20 posts

Thank you so very much for featuring my work. Congratulations everybody!

Heather Buckley Heather Buckley 16 posts

Thanks for including me images :) Heather

Nigel Bangert Nigel Bangert 802 posts

Superb features, congrats to all.

iamelmana iamelmana 223 posts

great selection of B&W photos, all very atmospheric and enticing. congrats to all, thanks Mrs Host for my inclusion, I so very much value it !