Terror for little girls and boys. We're sprinkling with darkness this holiday season.

  • Here Comes Santa Claus by StacyDrum
  • Christmas Droogie by yobeeno
  • killer snowman by IanByfordArt
  • Don't F**k With Frosty, For He Can Really Ruin That Holiday Spirit! by StacyDrum
  • Evil Santa by StacyDrum
  • Snow Witch by LoneAngel
  • A  Pagan Christmas by LoneAngel
  • tentaclaus... by kangarookid
  • White Christmas  by Lynne Haselden
  • Santa has turned by Skree
  • Blackest Ever Black Xmas by Zombie Rust
  • The Silhouette Before Christmas by naviblue
  • Reindeer of Doom Christmas Greetings by Jellyscuds
  • Frosty (sad) by TimD
  • have a killer x-mas by Jeremy McAnally
  • o holy night by Kayla Hunt
  • BLACK XMAS: Feliz Navidad by Zombie Rust
  • The Yule Logs Revenge by mdkgraphics