Black with a Hint of Color - NO B&W

All images are to be...AT LEAST... 60% BLACK with a hint of colour.

*Results of Voucher/SnackTime Challenge 14/11/2012 Black with a Hint of Colour*

EdsMum EdsMum 17780 posts

Wonderful entries in this challenge and they were worth more in voting than they got…It is nice when a challenge is run that the members vote for those who had the courage to enter, so perhaps you might think that over

Proud to announce and congratulate the Winner “Sandro Rossi” for his wonderful entry

Well done Sandro

by Sandro Rossi
5 votes

Congratulations to Top Ten

breakfast is served
by Clare Colins
3 votes

I Scream for…
by debidabble
3 votes

by Josie Jackson
3 votes

I only pick the best….
by Yool
3 votes

by heatherfriedman
2 votes

by Steve Small
2 votes

Liquorice Allsorts
by AnnDixon
2 votes

Pick me up !
by Anaa
2 votes

Berries in Yogourt
by hummingbirds
2 votes

They deserved better voting, look how good they are…perhaps next time you might think about it. Have a beautiful day everyone, Shirley

Leah Kennedy Leah Kennedy 97 posts

Beautiful work by all, congratulations!

Laurie Minor Laurie Minor 1972 posts

Congrats to Sandro & all of the Top Ten! Wonderful images!

EdsMum EdsMum 17780 posts

Thank you Leah and Laurie for coming by and supporting the members….Shirley

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1635 posts

I loved all of the entries in this challenge & thought Sandro’s was exceptional Congratulations & also to all of the top ten !!!

Penny Rinker Penny Rinker 58 posts

These are all wonderful. The ice cream cone is a composition that I never would have thought of. I love it! Shirley you have the hard job in deciding which ones. :o)Thanks for the challenges you host, I really enjoy them

Many thanks Penny for your kind words, need a job? I could do with some help. Shirley

hummingbirds hummingbirds 528 posts

They are all outstanding shots! Congratulations to the Top Ten winners, and thank you to those who voted for Berries in Yogurt :-))

bubblehex08 bubblehex08 1959 posts

Great shots and very inspiring!
Congrats to the TopTen!

Jazzy724 Jazzy724 313 posts

Beautiful images!! Congratulations!!!

EdsMum EdsMum 17780 posts

Thank you Lynn, Penny, hummingbirds, Jo and Jazzy..Thanks for your support. Shirley