Black & White Spotlight ~ THE MASTERS

Dedicated to recognising the very best of Redbubble's Black & White Photographers ~ THE MASTERS!

Featured MASTER # 37 ~ ELL-ON-WHEELS

Nicoletté Thain Photography Nicoletté Thai... 633 posts

Nicoletté Thain Photography Nicoletté Thai... 633 posts

Looking at your gallery of images above Ell, you certaintly have an eye for beautiful natural light & shadow! wonderful examples of life in Melbourne and everyday subjects captured artistically and with creativity! Welcome to the MASTERS, Sherrie and I are so proud to recognise your contribution to the Redbubble B&W community and the art of B&W photography!!!

Christine Wilson Christine Wilson 396 posts

so well done Ell such great street scenes you have, and the capture of people every day, outstanding work

Laurie Minor Laurie Minor 2021 posts

Outstanding photography, Ell!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ll bet your smile is akin to a transcontinental beam of light at this moment, & rightly so!! Applause, Applause!!! :)))

Sherrie Chavez Sherrie Chavez 179 posts

Wow Ell…seeing these all on one page is STUNNING and very INSPIRING!!! So glad to have you as our newest MASTER of B&W Photography! :)))

Nayko Nayko 59 posts

Congrats Ell! Well deserved feature, your works are beautiful!

Berns Berns 2864 posts

STUNNING images, congrats Ell!

Ell-on-Wheels Ell-on-Wheels 1950 posts

Ohhhh WOW!!! thank you so much Sherrie and Nic, what an absolute and utter HONOUR!!! :-D
There are many ‘grande masters’ of b/w before me, feel so very priviledged to be included amongst them! :o))

And deeply humbled … as there are many wonderful ‘b/w’ people here on ‘bubble to look up to and be inspired by, so can’t claim this honour to be all my ‘own work’, so to speak … I’m guided and influenced by you all ^ ^ thank you so much for your encouragement and support, and just for being ‘you’! :o))) ♥!

MelissaRaquel MelissaRaquel 47 posts

Super duper congrats Ell!! You have such a wonderfully creative and artistic eye. Beautiful work!!

Mojca Savicki Mojca Savicki 43 posts

Wow Ell, so superb! I love your work!
Big congrats on becoming a master :-)!