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Black and White Photography - no sepia/colour tones - 1 per24hrs

This group proudly exhibits ♦pure♦ black and white photography only - no sepia/duotones!

I'm new and a young photographer plz critique.

BlackART BlackART 2 posts

I would love some critique on my photography I’m new to Redbubble and semi new to photography. Im 15 years old and i would love to know what you more exsperianced photographers have to say about my work. thanks for helping me out all.

ShellyKay ShellyKay 66 posts

welcome. I am ShellyKay. Glad to have you at Redbubble. I wish I was taking pictures at 15..I mean, I was, but just candids. Nothing artistic.
Feel free to add me if you like.

crashin crashin 4 posts

I dont like the text and I can’t really tell what the object is without some major observation! Although it has a nice DOF, I just feel you could work on composition.

jrier jrier 2 posts

I love it, and think it’s a cool piece of abstract. Good job!

David M. Bull David M. Bull 1 post

great job on this piece. Learn all the rules of photograph, then break them!! Add me as well if you like! and welcome