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Abode Light Room

ronan1 ronan1 119 posts

Hi all

Any idea how you can save finished works in Adobe Lightroom, do u need to use in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop?? Any ideas I have a copy of Lightroom it is great however I can only print what I have worked any help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Larson Anna Larson 196 posts

Hi Ronan
This is what I found, hope it helps, Anna

The next step is to create a “Watched Folder” within Lightroom, which your images will automatically be saved into as they are shot on the fly. To do this, fire up Lightroom and navigate to the menu: File > Auto Import > Auto Import Settings… If you do a lot of tethered shoots, I would recommend setting up a new watched folder for each shoot, since you can automatically apply metatags, keywords, and presets as the images are imported on the fly. The following window will appear and you can input the settings as follows. (Shown here is the PC Version, Mac has the same options. Click to see larger version

efikim efikim 815 posts

… as posted elsewhere … at about the same time as you were writing this query!

If you want your changes on a file rather than a print, go to the file menu and select ‘export’ and create a new file that way.

ronan1 ronan1 119 posts

Guys as always you are all great, I don’t feel so bad being an idiot when I have support from you guys how can I possibly fail……….so much appreciated

Anna Larson Anna Larson 196 posts

Your not not an idiot, we all need help sometimes…:) And some of these programs are “Not” user friendly… Good luck…

Fred Mitchell Fred Mitchell 295 posts

User friendly is hardly the word for it. Programmers do not think like I think, so I find many problems. On the version I have, IF before I remove them from Lightroom, I press <Ctrl> C (on a PC) then whatever changes I have made to the image are saved in the original file I loaded WITHOUT deleting any of the original data. You can even trim an image and next time you load it, it will come up as the trimmed version. If I want the whole image, I go to <Develop> and press the button labelled <Reset> at the bottom of the screen. This will lose all that has been done to that date, but you have the unaltered file to work with again. The phrase is
Happy hunting

ronan1 ronan1 119 posts

Guys thansk again so much

vigor vigor 10178 posts

I have used LR and saved them to a folder in my pictures using the export as well, but from there I have to resize them for this site, they are a very small file when saved from LR.