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1 per 24hrs. Black and White Photography - no sepia/colour tones

This group proudly exhibits ♦pure♦ black and white photography only - no sepia/duotones!

Ideas for Competitions

nigelnash nigelnash 3 posts


margpie margpie 6 posts

7 sins would be excellent, it would add drama with them being black and white photographs…any other ideas? er no….looks like you covered all lol

Jayde Allen Jayde Allen 3 posts

Emotions is a great idea as everyone can access this. If you know someone then you can get an emotion. Provided you have someone willing to cry on demand. When is this competition starting and ending?

redhawk redhawk 96 posts

I am still new to photography but I would like to try some of the list you have gathered.
Landscapes, water, still life, etc.

BarbL BarbL 314 posts

How about specific architecture….like stairs or statues or such…

jbrinx27 jbrinx27 6 posts

hi imogene,

i think emotions or textures

Jason D. Laderoute Jason D. Lader... 1007 posts

Emotions sounds like an interesting challenge.
I never tire of landscapes either.
Texture is one that I have not ever attempted yet Hmmm

Rosina  Lamberti Rosina Lamberti 1275 posts

architecture and long exposures!!!!

Heps Heps 569 posts

Textures, landscapes, night photography anyone will do! Thank you!

Rob Brooks Rob Brooks 322 posts

How’s about a new one Imogene…
spark a bit of intrest???

or maybe have a more informal comp?? just an exercise type thing.. nearly like homework (:shudder:)
i.e give everyone a task to take some shots of a particular category and upload the best one. to a forum thread.
it works well in another group i’m a part of. plus it helps other artists expand to a genre/ style that they may not otherwise choose to have a go at.. good for personal development??

hathu hathu 1 post

emotions, architecture and HDR get my vote! ;)

lesquirt lesquirt 2 posts

Nature gets my vote

RichardsPC RichardsPC 13 posts

I would like to suggest Faces of the ages. BWs of the faces of elderly people. They wear their whole lives in their faces. To show the texture and character they reveal in them has always fascinated me.