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We want MACROs/CLOSEUPs in BLACK&WHITE/SEPIA with excellent focus. We want to showcase Black & White photography (sepia will be accepted). NO COLOR IMAGES!!!!!!

We are going outside the box! GREAT IDEA! 4/19/13

Ann  Warrenton Ann Warrenton 14165 posts

Hello everyone,

As you all are aware, we are about Macro’s. Well, we are going to step outside the box, and take it to a much larger scale, still in keeping with being a Macro.

You will need to adjust your minds eye for this.

Example image below by Brian Carson.

We will be accepting MACRO’s of architecture (buildings) up close, very tight shots. We think this would simulate a macro of a very large object. If your framing is really great and the image appears to be a macro on a large scale, we will take it. We hope you will enjoy the challenge.

Have fun and let us know what you think.


EbyArts EbyArts 116 posts

Looks like a great ideea Ann.


Manon Boily Manon Boily 3062 posts

yep, cool idea ;)

Kasia-D Kasia-D 2816 posts

It really is a cool idea!

PS Sorry I added a landscape B/W by mistake yesterday – I should be more careful where I click.

Ann  Warrenton Ann Warrenton 14165 posts

Don’t worry Kasia-D. Many people do it. :)))

Kasia-D Kasia-D 2816 posts

Anne, I did it again:-((
I guess it happens because the group title that is visible when submitting is ******** BLACK & WHITE only
The word “macro” is only visible if I hover the mouse over it, which I guess most people don’t do when ticking boxes.
I’ll try to bear it in mind the next time I upload a b&w image. Regards, Kasia

Ben Loveday Ben Loveday 319 posts

Right down my street!!

Josie Jackson Josie Jackson 102 posts

This I like very much :o)