We want MACROs/CLOSEUPs in BLACK&WHITE with excellent focus. We want to showcase Black & White photography (sepia will be accepted). NO COLOR IMAGES!!!!!!

  • Wooly by Yampimon
  • Dragonfly  by Laurie Minor
  • Hairy Globe by Adam Kuehl
  • Seeds in Simplicity... South Africa, Free State... by Qnita
  • White Pitcher by heatherfriedman
  • Apples by Ann Warrenton
  • Solomon's Seal Wildflower - B&W - Polygonatum biflorum by MotherNature2
  • 2 Cool!!  by heatherfriedman
  • Lighter Than Air by MotherNature2
  • Curly Parsley by Yampimon
  • You're So Vein by Yampimon
  • Dreaming with Pearls by Margaret Harris
  • Rosette by Yampimon
  • Rain Drops by Kevin Gallagher
  • Love You by Joseph  Tillman
  • Squirrel in Black and White by Martha Medford
  • Daisy Fleabane Wildflower - B&W - Erigeron annuus by MotherNature2
  • sodden by Lesleymc77