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We want MACROs/CLOSEUPs in BLACK&WHITE/SEPIA with excellent focus. We want to showcase Black & White photography (sepia will be accepted). NO COLOR IMAGES!!!!!!

Recent Work

  • You will always have my Heart...........  ^ by ctheworld
  • Budding Forth   ^ by ctheworld
  • Dahlia Petals   ^ by ctheworld
  • Lines of Life    ^ by ctheworld
  • Dahlia -  B&W  ^ by ctheworld
  • SPORES.....B&W     ^ by ctheworld
  • Daylily - B&W    ^ by ctheworld
  • White Black by MyArt23
  • Lighty as threading dew by Karen Nadine
  • The New Order by Ben Loveday
  • a spider and a dandelion by Clare Colins
  • Teasel trio by Celeste Mookherjee

About This Group


We want to show how great details can be in Black & White/Sepia Works. Any subject, except nudes, violence or abuses.Your great photography will help us make it happen on Redbubble! Come join us!

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