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The Bits & Pieces Group encompasses all types of art & writings...we welcome any artist or writer with open arms.


  • George Coombs

    Here by George Coombs

    quiet here among
    fallen leaves…winter
    sun gilds naked branches
    with gentle light…
    nobody here
    where trees yearn
    upward…sense of desperation……

    slow sunset heralded
    by blackbirds persistently
    tapping on doors o

    61 words
  • George Coombs

    Your Letter by George Coombs

    your letter came today
    words shadowed by
    predatory violence
    you snared
    by the system
    justice is buried…
    nothing gained
    by prison…
    good becomes bad…
    bad is worse…
    you talk
    of violence
    throats cut…
    violence to you…

    46 words
  • George Coombs

    Three Haikus by George Coombs

    insistent calling
    of blackbird in holy dusk
    herald of the night…

    so good to wait here
    night in winter will take us
    to a safer place

    fallen leaf frail here
    in creation where i am
    so quiet and free…

    George Co
    41 words
  • RC deWinter

    autumn leaves by RC deWinter

    there were bodies lying all over the ground
    and every permutation inbetween

    111 words
  • George Coombs

    Again The Cliff by George Coombs

    (For Mum)
    again the welcoming cliff…
    freedom in nature…
    mind unhindered
    gulls resting on soft wind
    grass bows in reverence…
    path of striated winter light
    gives gentle anthem for tired eyes…
    for beying horizo…

    69 words
  • George Coombs

    Long Ago by George Coombs

    seeming long ago
    yet…time can
    freeze in dark
    corners of the
    hounded mind……

    hard bed…
    cold…clinical tiles…
    viscious door
    thrust into frail

    cruel stretching
    of personhood

    58 words
  • RC deWinter

    final expedition by RC deWinter

    it’s getting too cold to be stargazing
    snow falls early on the lake
    so far we’ve dodged that bullet

    204 words
  • George Coombs

    Poem In December by George Coombs

    air touching my face
    a cool hand gentle…
    safe here in december
    by a quietly moving sea…
    sky is softly blue
    far away the horizon
    offers light in
    golden splendour
    sun allows the coming
    of night…horizon wears

    129 words
  • George Coombs

    Sacred Space by George Coombs

    soft sentienent friends
    of gathering silence
    person rests in
    oneness of all life……

    settles with breathing
    sea always venturing
    flame gently vulnerable

    50 words
  • RC deWinter

    nequient by RC deWinter

    corner chair
    lamplight shining
    curtains open to cloudless starry sky
    in the shadowed evening i sat

    148 words
  • George Coombs

    Years End by George Coombs

    time’s curtain slowly
    drawing around the old year…
    skeletal trees yearn
    upward in winter light…
    i tread soft on leaves
    carpeting a waiting ground…
    gentle dusk light
    touches journeying eyes…
    blackbird hymns

    61 words
  • George Coombs

    This Moment by George Coombs

    (For Mum)
    in this moment
    convergant paths…
    you enshrined
    in secret places
    where i only
    allow you…
    light reaching
    through clouds
    here in nature
    leaves strewn like
    trees barren…
    vulnerable yearn

    63 words
  • RC deWinter

    Starvation by RC deWinter

    Spare me motheaten platitudes, I pray,
    some things are well beyond what can be changed.

    114 words
  • George Coombs

    A Silence by George Coombs

    in silence
    quietly lighting
    path to inner refuge…
    aware of
    light of
    here in
    sacred space…
    “may i be well”
    peace for pained
    “may others be well”
    peace to the true pilgrim…

    43 words
  • RC deWinter

    consolatia by RC deWinter

    you left without a sound
    vanished in the dark
    no footsteps
    no closing door

    123 words
  • Stephen  J. Vattimo

    " What Wrong With Babies?" by Stephen J. Va...

    Have you ever listen to a sermon in church , and your mind comes up with a joke about some thing the preacher just said,

    206 words

    Subsequential by MINDSET


    124 words
  • RC deWinter

    last rainbow by RC deWinter

    arcing across the gloom
    a rainbow
    glinting almost shyly

    172 words