Group Rules:

This site is open to all including those under the age of 18, therefore some rules.

1 – – Quality art without pornography – nudity will be allowed …

2 – – Nudity in children is NOT acceptable, other than a baby in a bathtub (or the
such) that shows no private parts.

3 – – Although we would prefer no profanity in any pieces submitted to the Group,
we will not reject them…unless they have pornographic overtones…this will be
the decision of the host who is moderating at the time the piece is submitted.

4 – – Repeated deletions or nonacceptance WILL mean removal from
the group.

5 — Any piece that is submitted that demeans any group of people whether
because of gender, religion or race will be rejected.

6 — There will be only one winner in Challenges…
we will not accept ties; whoever comes up
the winner will be the one who will be
shown on the homepage.

Please be Courteous and Respectful to all Members..Courtesy costs you nothing but gains you much…..

This group is intended to be enjoyed by ALL – offensive material will not be tolerated for the good of the whole.

This is a group of harmonious interaction between all Members and appreciation
of the efforts of all Members.
There is no limit on the work you can submit to this Group….. This is to ensure we can get to all submissions fairly and allow others to see the work.

If objectionable work or comments are submitted to this group, the hosts have the right to terminate the membership of any person in this group.