The Bits & Pieces Group encompasses all types of art & writings...we welcome any artist or writer with open arms.


  • Pretty in Pink by Nadya Johnson
  • Lit for Love by RC deWinter
  • Happy Spring by MoreKeala
  • Island Monastery  by Lanis Rossi
  • Breaking The Routine by lomomograph
  • Distorted vision by franceslewis
  • Finger art... Love by Qnita
  • Little Cart by relayer51
  • Toys falling like candies - white by XOOXOO
  • Geometric Diamond Cat by XOOXOO
  • Bold Fuschia Pink and Blue Carnation Flower by Shelley Neff
  • Pretty Plant 2 by Sophie Corrigan
  • Pretty Plant 1 by Sophie Corrigan
  • Tiptoe by Keith Reesor
  • Flowing Lines by Igor Shrayer
  • surfrise by vampvamp
  • Painted Fuschia by KathleenRinker
  • Nepalese Flags by John Dalkin