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Group Rules:

Please, ONLY submit photographs taken in any of these Southern African countries: NAMIBIA / BOTSWANA / SOUTH AFRICA / ZIMBABWE / ZAMBIA / MOZAMBIQUE / SWAZILAND / LESOTHO

Only high quality colour and black&white photography of mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects, arachnids, invertebrates, wild flowers, indigenous to the region. No Clothing, Stickers, iPhone Cases, Writing or Journals.

In the case of landscapes, photographs may be submitted provided that it contains wild animal species against the backdrop of a natural scene.

In the description-box you must include the common name of the animal as well as where in Southern Africa the photograph was taken. The scientific name (latin) of the species as well as some technical details (Camera model, lens, shutter speed, etc.) is optional but would be welcome.
We want to share info about wildlife for the benefit of every one who is part of this group!
You can use sites such as Biodiversity Explorer to find the correct names.

No photographs taken in a zoo or any kind of enclosure.

No photographs of humans, domestic animals, farm animals and/or any man made objects will be accepted.

No images of artwork and/or digital art or photographs with any words on them or framed works or collages.

Moderators approval is final.