Big Pixels

Pixel-art and big blocks for lo-fi lovers.


  • RAIN ON A SUNNY DAY(C2016) by Paul Romanowski
  • BROKEN HEARTED PAINTER(C1994) by Paul Romanowski
  • STOCK MARKET GRAPH(C2016) by Paul Romanowski
  • Long Shelf Life by mioscene
  • Air Master by James Camilleri
  • Robot Master by James Camilleri
  • Final Round by James Camilleri
  • Round Two by James Camilleri
  • Round one by James Camilleri
  • Glenn and Maggie by philstrahl
  • Pixel Rick by philstrahl
  • The Voice of Reason by philstrahl
  • Tank Man – History in Pixels by philstrahl
  • The Patriot by philstrahl
  •  Funny Monster Smiley (Om Nom Nom Style) Face (blue background) by badbugs
  • Free Kodak by atoprac59
  • Love us, Wendy's by atoprac59
  • Stranger Things Letters by atoprac59