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Featured Member Spotlight - Rebecca Tun

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Our featured member for January, 2012 is Rebecca Tun

State your name and the type of art you do:
Rebecca Tun
Photography, mostly of the fashion portrait variety, but also occasionally branching into other genres such as street photography

Which form of art do you enjoy the most?
Street photography…it’s like gambling. It’s frustrating because I fail most of the time but when I get something good in the can it gives me a real kick.

Why is art & creativity important to you?
Because life literally only makes sense to me as an ongoing act of creation!

Do you consider yourself a photographer or a digital artist?
Neither really…I’m a girl with a camera and a computer. Being a photographer would entail understanding how photography works, which I still don’t after having it explained to me by every photographer I’ve ever modelled for. And being a digital artist would entail much more than the basic retouching and minimum of pixel-pushing that I do. I would, however, like to learn to use my graphics tablet…and then I might summon up the audacity to call myself a digital something-or-other.

How did you first get interested in photography?
It’s pretty much because my little sisters are so beautiful.

How does being a photographer affect the way that you look at the world around you?
Well, sometimes it means I (literally) see the most exciting moments of my life through a viewfinder. Like when I went to the Niagara Falls. The whole time when the boat was right up close to the waterfall to the point where I was drenched, I did not look upon this marvellous thing directly as I was more keen on getting my lens to focus despite the water droplets on it. I’m definitely one of those idiots who would be taking pictures in my last moments during an earthquake or while being chased by a tiger.
When I don’t have a camera in front of my eye I still look at people’s faces in terms of taking their portrait. When I meet interesting people I think about how I would represent them if they were a celebrity and I was doing a shoot for a magazine interview or their album cover or something.

What is your favorite subject to photograph, and why?
Light. For me that’s when photography comes into its own as an art form because this is where it’s different from other media and from what we normally see. Visible rays, lens flares, bokeh, light trails, motion blur, unexpected blowouts or shadows, refelctions, distortions, refractions, coloured lights. It really feels like creation and experiment when you get these artefacts.

Do you think photos should be left as is or do you think that postprocessing can improve them?
In my case, I nearly always shoot to edit, but that’s because I love the freedom and experimentation you get with digital editing, plus I like to push pictures a long way in terms of styling, and last but not least I don’t have tha patience or the expertise to rely on getting what I want in camera. I often meet photographers who have a principled objection to digital editing. When it’s an attitude that stems from a conservative reverence for film over digital I find it pretty dumb, because film photography has always been massively about the post-processing. Other times it’s just a personal preference for in-camera effects or a kind of self-challenge. In those cases, each to their own.

What equipment / digital editing programs do you use?
Canon 350D, with an 18-25mm zoom lens, a 50mm prime lens, my beloved Lensbaby…and Photoshop CS3 with plugins from Niksoftware.

Do you have any tips on postprocessing to share with us?
Don’t be lazy and sloppy and vague like me.

What do you get out of being part of The Best of Redbubble… Digital art and photography group?
I like entering the challenges.

Share something cool or exciting that has happened to you since you have been on the bubble.
Being introduced to so much beautiful and interesting art has been inspiring. That is definitely a source of happiness.


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a great artist you are! congratulations ;)

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Linda Lees Linda Lees 1383 posts

Congratulations on being featured Rebecca, nice to meet you.

I love reading these features on artists of Redbubble, I enjoy finding out the thinking behind artworks, what techniques artists prefer, and just what they get out of creating art.

One of my favorites of Rebecca’s work is Anna’s Girls

Dan Wilcox Dan Wilcox 64 posts

As having been an art director for over 30 years it is truly heartening to see such innovation and such a fresh approach. Congratulations, Ms Tun

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Congratulations Rebecca. Well deserved. :)

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Great Work, Rebecca : )

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Congratulations! This is well deserved!

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Great Work .!!

vaggypar vaggypar 13450 posts

Great Work .!!

vaggypar vaggypar 13450 posts

Great Work .!!

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WOW!!!! I just found this page and feature theme,, Congratulations to Rebecca,, your art is exquisite♥