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Featured Member Spotlight - Plunder

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Our featured member Spotlight this month is Plunder

State your name and the type of art you do:
My name is Deborah Walker and I do various kinds of art. I work a lot with drawing and fractals as well as using 3D programs such as Bryce and enjoy animation and photography.

Why is art & creativity important to you?.
It is important to me because it allows me an avenue to express myself. It also allows me the opportunity to work out any emotional things I may have going on in real life.

Which form of art do you enjoy the most?
That is a really hard question to answer. I really enjoy making fractals but recently I have been working on my skills in Bryce. I must say it is very challenging for me, and at the moment it is my current favorite. Especially when I can incorporate my fractals or photographs into the image I am making.

If you are a fractal artist, how did you get started making fractals and which program(s) do you prefer?
About 10 years ago I purchased a new computer and I was looking for backgrounds for my desktop. I stumbled upon a webpage that contained the most magnificent fractal I had ever seen. I downloaded the FE program link and started learning about fractals.

Since that time, I have used such programs as Chaos Pro, fractal Explorer, FracFX, Sterlingware, Vichra, Apophysis, Tierezon, Ultra Fractal, and most recently Mandelbulb3D. I am most proficient in programs such as Apophysis and Ultra Fractal with emphasis placed on both programs.

How does being a digital artist affect the way that you look at the world around you?
I have found that I look at the world a little differently. I am always searching for the beauty contained in all things and new ways to share it with other people.

What is your favorite subject to photograph, and why?
I really enjoy macro photography and small insects. I find them fascinating subjects. Floral photography is just simply amazing and when I can find a bug on a petal I am in hog heaven.

Do you think photos should be left as is or do you think that post-processing can improve them?
In most cases photos can be left as is. If you have the correct lighting and exposure they will not need any post-processing. However, with that being said, it is very difficult to have the correct lighting all the time, so in some cases a simple correction can be made post-processing to the lighting or sharpness.

What equipment / digital editing programs do you use?
If I do post-processing I mainly use Paint Shop Pro or Corel X
Do you have any tips on post-processing to share with us?
Only to be careful not to overdo.

What do you get out of being part of The Best of Redbubble… Digital art and photography group?
I would have to say that I get to share my artwork with some of the most inspiring and amazing people on the internet. I get to be part of a group that sets the standards higher and higher and helps me set goals to what I want to achieve.

Share something cool or exciting that has happened to you since you have been on the bubble.
I have been featured on the Homepage twice last year. It was so unexpected and such an honor for me to be featured with some amazing artists.

Debs, I have to speak for Kathleen, Peggi & myself that this is an amazing honor for us to feature you this month for our spotlight. Good thing we have a limit of featured work, your gallery would be in this post! You inspire each of us and this is the best way we can truly say Thank You!

Jackie’s Picks
Debs is one of my favorite artists here on the bubble. I have been following her work since Deviantart and she continues to blow my mind. This very artistic friend of mine does 3D art, photography, fractal art… and from what I understand is a musician as well. Is there anything you can’t do Debs? lol Here are just a few of her pieces to show you a lil bit of what amazing things she does.

Kathleen’s Picks
Deb has always been one of my favorite digital artists, and an inspiration to all of us who use fractal programs. I followed her over to RedBubble from deviantart and have continued learning from her here.

Peggi’s Picks
Oh, Wow! How do I love thee, Plunder, let me count the ways! I have known Debs for several years, first at deviantart and now here at RedBubble. I have long admired and marveled in her art and her photography. She has a wonderful eye for design and color and her skill with the software (Apophysis, UltraFractal, Bryce, and others) makes me green with envy. She also does beautiful photography. Debs has been a wonderful friend and a very helpful mentor for me. I think Plunder, our Debs, is a perfect selection for our Featured Member Spotlight. She really deserves the accolades!

RosaCobos RosaCobos 333 posts

Simply outstanding….
I can perceive the way we follow Nature´s patters whatsoever….
It is in our imaginal. I am amazed by the varied and extraordinary works here.
Mostly I have seen fractals that are ending in a sort of monotony…but they do not here…
imagination has got the grip of the works and it is like diving into our Essence.
Congratulations to Punder!!

viennablue viennablue 2410 posts

congratulations to you Deb, this is a wonderful article. you do so much for folks on RB with your hosting duties, encouragement and advise, it is great to see your creative and imaginative artwork featured this way. you are a true star :-)

plunder plunder 837 posts

Thank you so much! I am so thrilled to be the featured member of this group. What an honor and privilege.

lorentzs lorentzs 31 posts

What an amazingly beautiful portfolio you have. Susan.

patjila patjila 949 posts

Wonderful digital art works fantastic, congrats being a special featured member!