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Small suggestion to correct group rules..a little only

Gabriel Forgottenangel Gabriel Forgot... 85 posts

Dear friends,
I have such a small problem – my work is always rejected cos Im constantly forgetting to add features to the picture description..see:

“Works submitted must have been ALREADY FEATURED on Red Bubble.
In order for your work to be accepted into the group, you must have the name of the group that featured your work in the TOP of your description area. If we do not see Featured by “name of group” in the top of the description area, the work will be rejected… no matter how beautiful it is!”

My suggestion is correct this rule cos :
1. I have feeling that such a description in the work’s title is something like " my nose is too high" or " Look – I was featured and you not"
2.The description of own work is " damaged" with this writing..
3. And of course – I forget it always. ( sometimes i want to forget)

I know it is making work easier for hosts…but ..

Thank you very much for reading it..

Stephanie Bateman-Graham Stephanie Bate... 42 posts

They are not asking for you to change the title of your work. If you call it “A Summer Day” that’s what the title will be. The description is the longer block of text that is in a separate box, e.g. “A perfect day at the beach with family and friends.”

My descriptions are usually 2-3 lines of text, and I put the “Featured in…” line after this in a separate paragraph. This is near enough to “the top of the description” to qualify for this group. So, your new description would read like this:

A perfect day at the beach with family and friends.

Featured in the group Family And Sunshine.


Gabriel Forgottenangel Gabriel Forgot... 85 posts

Yes yes I know where it is of course for instance my older one :

Confidence Game by Gabriel Forgottenangel

Featured – Breaking The Boundaries
Fair play or tricky game? Game of the kings should be fair..but is always? Sometimes is needed to sacrifice more than pawn.

Well its really not fitting there.

But it was only suggestion


Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5295 posts

With all the hard work that the hosts do, I think the request is rather simple. You can put it under you fair play text, you can add a asterisk before and after the text in order for it to stand out as well. Although it may not be fitting, you have to understand how many pictures run through this group daily and how much time moderation takes, the hosts shouldn’t have to hunt down the featured info… especially considering that it is a featured only group. It’s not a “my nose is up high” or a “I’m featured but your not” situation at all… it’s a featured only group.

kalaryder kalaryder 8181 posts

I have no problem adding the Featured in … tag line after the description, I do not believe it detracts from the description, nor do I think it is thumbing my nose at other people. It is just saying the image has been featured in a group, it is an accolade, just like running in a race and getting a roseatte or something – it is acknowledging a recognition.
Gabriel, in the example given, I would have put the feature tag line after the line of writing.
I am happy with the way the group is run and with the rules as they are – easy to remember and easy to do.

Gabriel Forgottenangel Gabriel Forgot... 85 posts

Its OK, I ve tried to give suggestion like an artist who can see something not fitting for him and tried to explain why. If its not possible, so not., It was only pure suggestion cos I didnt see it in other groups and I dislike this add. Its not so complicated. I hope this is not reason to lapidate me for it .
And yes I know how is to be host…and moderate works..I was host of the group long time.

Nice day