Best Fresh Berries, Fruits and Vegetables ( PLUS a few Nuts )

A Place For Your Very Best Berries, Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts!

Recent Work

  • 5 Pomegranets in Bangkok by indiafrank
  • Notes From An Island... by © Janis Zroback
  • Things... by © Janis Zroback
  • Lemons on Blue Canvas by © Janis Zroback
  • Kitchen Light Dancing by EloiseArt
  • Silence by © Janis Zroback
  • Withering fruits by indiafrank
  • Pumpkin and Olive Oil by Clare Colins
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake and Crushed Raspberries by kathrynsgallery
  • Crystal and Grapes by Bobbi Price
  • Winter fruits by indiafrank
  • Segmented... by © Janis Zroback

About This Group

We want your best artwork of berries, fruits, vegetables and even nuts!
Submit all of your best work – we do not have a limit on daily or total submissions!

Our gallery will make your mouth water and you may even get up from the computer to check your frig for your own fresh fruit and vegetables. But, before you bite into that carrot remember to get that camera out and take a photo or set up your canvas and start painting. Then submit your image into the gallery for the other members to enjoy.

Winner of July Avatar Fruits and Pastires Challenge – June 19, 2013.

Fruit Tart
by wolftinz

Joining and or being an active member of this group means we have your permission to use your art as an avatar for Challenges, on our Homepage, in our Permanent Features Gallery, and in our Permanent Winners Gallery.

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Group Activated June 27, 2012

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