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Redbubble features a Benches Group member

Peter Hill Peter Hill 593 posts

Congratulations to Adrian Geronimo on Redbubble featuring today [28 October 2009] his fantastic image Afternoon in the Park:

Adrian is a new member of RB, and I was only too pleased to see this image when surfing the new member uploads and invited Adrian to submit it to the Group. For me it encapsulates the essence of what our benchmark group is all about!

Way to go Adrian!


TeresaB TeresaB 2653 posts

Beautiful image, Adrian! Congratulations!

adriangeronimo adriangeronimo 214 posts

awesome! thanks Peter!

dinghysailor1 dinghysailor1 837 posts

brilliantly captured adrian – superb to see this lovely bench up there on the featured art page and thanks for adding it to the group too

cheering from scotland

michaelerrey michaelerrey 7 posts

Really good work Adrian, love the composition

adriangeronimo adriangeronimo 214 posts

Maggie: Thanks so much :) if not for this group and Peter, this picture wouldn’t have been featured i think.
thanks for the lovely and kind words. some guy from deviantart though, said that the tones were strange lol.
not really sure what he meant there.

Michael : Thanks so much :) i really appreciate the kind words.