Behind the Mask

Venetian Masks. Carnival Masks. Italian Masks. African Masks. Aztec Masks. Tribal Masks. Cultural Masks. Leather Masks. Face Masks. Painted Masks. Paper Masks.

Recent Work

  • Inextricably Linked  by Anthea  Slade
  • wolfs of yeallow stone by John Ryan
  • The Mummy by Ray Jackson
  • on the beach by John Ryan
  • Vejigante by phil decocco
  • Wounded by strawberries
  • The Deer Crown by lunaticpark
  • Seed Constrictor by RosaCobos
  • Adorned  by Ray Jackson
  • growling tigar  by John Ryan
  • Native american warrior by John Ryan
  • Pennywise the clown smiley by morphfix

About This Group

Masks appear in many dramatic and humorous forms in history books, cultural traditions and celebrations all over the world. Even Ned Kelly, Australia’s most famous bushranger wore a mask!

Behind the Mask is a online gallery that showcases high quality works on the subject of masks. From the primitive tribal masks to the colourful carnevale masks and everything in between.

Works can be photographs of actual masks or artworks that contain a visual representation of a mask. Writing, especially poetry on the subject of the masks people wear is also highly valued by this group.

Please be sure that all submissions are clearly on the topic of masks. General journal entries and non mask related visual works will be removed without fuss or fanfare.

Thank you for making this a group we can all be proud of.

Sooz and Ginger

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