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The Beginner's Corner 1 Per Day (profile page must contain photography experience)

Group Rules:

Group Guidelines:
No more than One submissions per day.

No multiple images, please do not submit the same image to the group over and over.

*Remember this group is for PHOTOGRAPHY BEGINNERS only.

On your profile page please write some details about yourself and your photography experience. Your shots will not be featured and possibly removed if we cannot substantiate that you are in fact a beginner.

We want to see your BEST images. Please have them edited as best as possible before uploading. Nothing that looks like it was just taken and added…… NO snapshots! They WILL BE REMOVED!!!!!

Typical editing and some textures is welcomed (sometimes needed!). However,* heavily manipulated photos will NOT be accepted* …… at at the end of the day, it still needs to look like a photograph. HDR will be accepted.

Please only submit photographs.
No Paintings
No T-shirts
No nudity, profanity or suggestive images. No death, doom or gloom.

Being active is VERY important here! Please respect each other and leave only positive comments and suggestions.

Hosts have the right to reject any images that exceed this limit, but feel free to re-submit on a different day. *

If these rules don’t seem too harsh, we would love to have you as a member!

Get out there and have fun!!! :)