"Before and After"

*Show the world just how artistic you are*


  • Insomnia by tinypaws
  • Flutterfly by Michael Rubin
  • Playtime... by su2anne
  • Melting snow by tinypaws
  • Colorfly by Michael Rubin
  • Subtle Swan by Michael Rubin
  • A rendition by su2anne
  • The Shiny Blue One by JohnDSmith
  • Down on The DAP Family Farm by JohnDSmith
  • Dashboard Abstract by AuntDot
  • Blue Meanie by Amar-Images
  • Lake Hefner,Oklahoma City USA by JohnDSmith
  • The Dividing Line by JohnDSmith
  • Color in Your Hands - the Luminarian (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland
  • A Red Crown Truck and a Hot Cup of Coffee by flyrod
  • Bel Air Cowboy by flyrod
  • The Future is in the Past by flyrod
  • Fall Night in Boston -3 by LudaNayvelt