Bees, Wasps, Hornets. We Love them all......(but no mimics...)

Recent Work

  • THE SEARCH by mygueyemomo
  • Liquid Gold by Heather Haderly
  • Bee 12 by Mark Bangert
  • Bee 11 by Mark Bangert
  • All wings 01 by kevin chippindall
  • Approaching the flight deck by Graeme Mockler
  • HIVE MIND by mygueyemomo
  • A Liking For Pink.... by lynn carter
  • Back Here by Lin Taylor
  • Brood by Heather Haderly
  • Bowing to the crowd by Susan Littlefield
  • How do you get inside this bud? by missmoneypenny

About This Group

This Group is dedicated to the humble and hard working bee or wasp, without which our beautiful planet wouldn’t survive. Please think carefully before you spray your garden with toxic chemicals. There are many earth friendly products out there, many of which can be made yourself. If you have any recipes that you’d like to share with our members, please feel free to do so by starting a post in the Forum section. We’d love to hear from you. ALL MEDIA accepted!
****************************************READ NEW RULES****************************************

  • We DO NOT accept the new RB pillow/chair format. If I have to STRUGGLE to see the QUALITY of your image, (composition, color, clearness of image) I will delete it. When found, they will be deleted. This detracts from the beautiful images. The same goes for the FRAMED images. THIS is strictly up to you, to frame them. It DOES make it more difficult to evaluate them, and hence, they may not get featured. Its your call….

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