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Multiracial Beauty

Celebrating the oneness of our diversity


  • TheBrit

    Within the Lens of my eye ! by TheBrit

    The softness of a fluffy clouded
    sky, floating within slow motion,

    A clock forever ticking backwards,

    Taking us all into a previous era,

    Thunder crackling throughoutt
    the universe,

    Daydreaming of yeste

    284 words
  • TheBrit

    .... A Whirlwind of Togetherness .... by TheBrit

    Mesmerized within your delectable blossom,

    I am totally inebriated within the very
    essence of your natural beauty,

    Like kindred souls lost upon a gentle
    breeze becoming a whirlwind
    of togetherness,


    129 words
  • TheBrit

    Studio fifty four by TheBrit

    As the strobes reflected across
    the eclectic mix of night owls
    at studio fifty four,

    Manhattans hip place of
    the seventies,

    The essence of sensual perfume
    lingered within the air,

    Hot body’s touch…

    215 words
  • TheBrit

    secretive moments by TheBrit

    Beneath sky’s of pink cumulous clouds
    you did stand,

    So close, yet I could not touch,

    Your vibes surrounded the shell
    within which I reside,

    Eye’s connected for a mere second,

    I read your

    139 words
  • LoveWitness

    27 by LoveWitness

    27 is the number after 26 and before 28
    26 is a gang name
    28 is my little brother’s birth date
    Day 27 of the 4th month is our Freedom Day
    My country is in the tip of Africa
    It is a cup and the …

    246 words
  • Sally Omar

    what is freedom? by Sally Omar

    what is freedom?

    we walked our roads
    married our women
    led our lives with many customs
    you came…abducted us
    put us on slave ships
    destroyed our lives

    we worked the fields
    picked cotton
    tended your h…

    258 words
  • TheBrit

    gentle rain of a romantic breeze ... by TheBrit

    Teenage romance, dancing in between raindrops,
    pure delightfulness upon faces of young

    Colorful butterfly’s encircling , fluttering around
    them within a circle of love,

    Creating moments of

    125 words
  • TheBrit

    My muse has finally left me ..... by TheBrit

    My muse has finally left me, yet I miss her so terribly,

    I am left with thoughts of her tender whispers
    of wanting to push the plume within my fingers

    To stroke her naked skin ever so softly with the

    285 words
  • LoveWitness

    You open up my heart by LoveWitness

    You open up my heart

    99 words
  • LoveWitness

    Check out my poetry video :-) by LoveWitness

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    39 words
  • TheBrit

    ... Not a word is said ! ... by TheBrit

    Your shadow resonating from the depths
    of the ground before me,

    I slowly follow your outline of darkness

    My eye’s trace your feminine figure
    beneath a gentle glowing moon,

    The whites of your eye&

    130 words
  • TheBrit

    ........ Upon a full moon within a rainbow halo ....... by TheBrit

    A gentle summer evening breeze
    caresses my imagination,
    as I look upon a full moon
    within a rainbow halo,

    Spectrums of love pulsating
    through the air of blue,
    as sleepy clouds slowly
    breeze on by,


    121 words
  • TheBrit

    ..........Kiss......... by TheBrit

    A touch of a ballerina’s gentle
    caressing lip’s of suppleness,

    A swan lake ballet of a perpetual
    romance swam through the air
    of a sheer tenderness

    Between two unsuspecting stars,

    They clash

    80 words
  • TheBrit

    Forevermore by TheBrit

    As the ocean breeze breathes
    gently through your fingertips,

    Feel our fingers intertwining,

    As you look upon a silvery moon
    see the reflecting moonbeams
    bouncing from the rolling surf,

    Caressing your bo…

    72 words
  • TheBrit

    Love .........x by TheBrit

    Flowing along a luminous rainbow
    adventure for you and I to seek
    and discover,

    Emotions of splendor arise upon
    our passionate souls,

    Life is for the living , listening to
    palpitating melody’s of ou

    99 words
  • TheBrit

    Affairs of the heart by TheBrit

    You had a secret meeting
    sunbeams shining upon
    the both of you, as you
    left the monotony behind,

    For a few stolen moments
    pleasures of souls being
    together one more time,

    looking into each others
    eyes ,

    90 words
  • TheBrit

    Abundance by TheBrit

    An abundance of energy
    prevails within the sight
    of you,

    A gentleness of sunshine
    surrounding your adore,

    Reflective essence within
    a glowing love of pure

    As i look into your glistening

    55 words
  • TheBrit

    Dancing upon nectar devine ................. by TheBrit

    Dancing upon nectar devine,

    Petals singing as your tiptoes
    balance upon invisible heart
    Strings of a vibrating loving

    Delicate wings hold you within
    the air we breathe,

    Flirtatious movements of

    133 words