Fuchsias Only! - (new hosts welcome)

This group is for those of us who love to photograph these beautiful flowers

  • 'Blue Angel' Fuchsia by Marilyn Harris
  • Little Dancers...............Dorset UK by lynn carter
  • Friendly Robin Redbreast by Rosemary Sobiera
  • Group of Lord Byron Fuchsias by Bev Pascoe
  • Floral Fountain by Pat Yager
  • Just the two of us by CarolineLembke
  • Playing With Depth of Field (3) by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Fuchsia Flip by Penny Smith
  • Fuchsia Buds by lezvee
  • Blush of Dawn by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Swingtime--Honest, that's what the tag says. by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Blush O' Dawn by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Soft Focus White Beauty by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Fuchsia group of pink. by Bev Pascoe
  • French Fushia by Karen E Camilleri
  • The Ballerinas - Dancing Fuchsia Belles by BlueMoonRose
  • Pink Fuchsia by lezvee
  • Fuchsia (2) by lezvee