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Fuchsias Only! - (new hosts welcome)

This group is for those of us who love to photograph these beautiful flowers

Recent Work

  • Floral Fountain by Pat Yager
  • Cone Flower by Lisa Bianchi
  • Pink and Purple Fuchsias by BlueMoonRose
  • Playing With Depth of Field (3) by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Playing With Depth of Field (2) by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Fuchsia Flip by Penny Smith
  • Blush O' Dawn by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Swingtime--Honest, that's what the tag says. by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Fuchsia Buds by lezvee
  • Blush of Dawn by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Soft Focus White Beauty by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Back to the fuchsia by Sue Purveur

About This Group

This group is for all those photographers who have a passion for Fuchias and want to share that passion with other members of the group. We will accept, drawings, paintings and photographs. There are so many wonderful varieties of Fuchsia in so many different colours and shapes… let’s share with others . We will be running regular features and challenges There is no limit to the total number of photos you may submit. Hosts will not be featured as these are chosen by hosts! However as challenges are voted for by members , hosts will be allowed to enter challenges

Group started 24 August 2010 and was accepting also ORCHIDS until March 1st 2013. Now the orchids are accepted in our sister group ORCHIDS ONLY.

See the group rules and join this group here

Your Hosts