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Recent Work

  • Thank you could I have some more, please by RichImage
  • Sunset, Robert's Bank, New Years day 2015 by RichImage
  • Oyster Bay Late July by TerrillWelch
  • Young Douglas Squirrel by Carl Olsen
  • First West Coast Sunrise of 2015 by TerrillWelch
  • old friend 2 by Doria
  • Surf on the Beach at Dallas Road Victoria B.C.  by TerrillWelch
  • nocturnal by Doria
  • Lost At Sea by Lesliebc
  • Point No Point a kiss from the storm by TerrillWelch
  • Okanagan Lake by Sheri Bawtinheimer
  • Top of Whistler Mountain [British Columbia, Canada] by Yukondick

About This Group

British Columbia, Canada, is a magnificent place to live. It is a rare gem that offers something for everyone. The talent pool is deep and in it you will discover many skilled, artistic, and beautiful interpretations of this province and its people.
If you are a current or past resident of British Columbia, or enjoy traveling in this province, then this is the group for you!

Your best photographs, paintings, drawings, and t-shirts are all welcome submissions provided that they tastefully reflect the beauty, the culture, the wildlife, and the artistic expression of British Columbians.

Send your strongest images that go deeper than the fact that it was taken in BC. Your submissions may reflect the many outdoor activities of BC, such as skiing, snow boarding, sailing, hiking, dancing, flying, paragliding, fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming, dog sledding, horseback riding, sports, or they may simply reflect on the peaceful walks along the river, bird watching, our wildlife, charity work, the music scene, the artistic community, our multi-culturalism, and of course the buzz of our well known “Hollywood North” reputation. From big cities to unorganized communities, from the Pacific Ocean to the Canadian Rockies… let’s show the world the colors of our gem!

Are you ready? (See Group Rules)

Beautiful BC will offer featured work, as well as featured artists, and will offer frequent challenges for our group members.
Banners will be used for recognition of our challenge winners, challenge top ten, featured works, and avatar hall of fame selections.

Horton Bay late Fall by Toby Snelgrove IPA



(Member to be invited back to compete in a Grand Avatar challenge later in the year! This will be an invitational challenge for the member to submit one of the avatar images below.)

BEAUTIFUL BC is honored to be featured on the Home Page of RedBubble
June 13, 2011 – Less than 3 in a thousand works make it onto the homepage!

(CAPITALIZED TITLE = RedBubble Voucher was won)
June 2013 – BC Storytelling by Gregory Ewanowich, AnnDixon and Cliff Vestergaard
May 2013 – BC Brooks, Rivers and Streams by Yannik Hay
April 2013 – BC in Black and White by YukonDick
March 2013 – Spring Challenge (BC) by Jillian Johnston
January 2013 – 2012’s GRAND AVATAR by Heather Wade
Dec 2012 – WHICH WAY WINTER by Jann Ashworth and Charles Kosina
November 2012 – MOUNTAINS OF BC by John Poon and Teresa Zieba
October 2012 – WHICH WAY in BC by Heather Wade
September 2012 – BC AGRICULTURE by Mikeinbc1
August 2012 – BEACHES OF BC by RichImage, AnnDixon and Yannik Hay
July 2012 – TREES, FORESTS, & ORCHARDS of BC by Heather Wade
June 2012 – FLOWERS OF BC by Tracy Friesen
May 2012 – BIRDS OF BC by Martin Smart
April 2012 – TREASURE HUNTING IN BC by Heather Wade
Mar 2012 – SIGNS OF SPRING by John Poon, Martin Smart & Carol Clifford
February 2012 – NIGHT/LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY by John Poon
January 2012 – 2011’s GRAND AVATAR by…John Poon & Heather Wade
Dec 2011 – WINTER WONDERLAND by…Heather Wade & Martin Smart
November 2011- BC STRUCTURES by …Carolann Howe and Carl Olsen
Oct 2011 – FOLIAGE, FESTIVALS, TRADITIONS by… Lesliebc & John Poon
September 2011 – WILDLIFE OF BC by….Ted Widen
September 2011 – BC Crosswalks by…. Rae Tucker
August 2011 – HONORING BC PARKS by…Tracy Friesen
July 2011 – BOATS IN BC WATERS Tied by…. Jeff Ashworth & Rae Tucker
June 2011 – Oh Canada!! Tied by Aziz Dhamani & Ann Dixon
June 2011 – TAKE A HIKE in BEAUTIFUL BC by John Poon

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